Leonardo Acevedo Actor

My name is Leonardo Acevedo. I'm a storyteller. A friend cast me for a Mumblecore feature. I had never done it before, but I felt at ease in front of the camera. The same friend cast me on a short, Dead Industry. This short helped my friend to get accepted into the directing grad school of film and television at Columbia University.

My friend and I graduated from UCLA's school of Film and Television. I have worked all positions below and above the line except producer. While working as grip, I was asked to replace an actor who never arrived. The producer was Whoopie Goldberg, The Best of The Rest pilot.

My father was a theater director. I helped painting sets for my father's plays. My mother was an actress for Children plays. I helped her adjusting the harness of her dragonfly wings.

While I was working at a liquor store, I helped re-enact a scene with Eric Roberts, Celebrity Rehab VH1. Mr. Roberts told me to give acting a try.