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Name Project
Aaron Proctor Oregon
Alex Feuer Eyeist "The Value of Expert Feedback"
Blacked Out
Flying School: The Lost Masterpiece
Alvaro "Gir" Rodarte Blockhead
Andrew Ganzon No Rest for the Wicked
Brian Kuzma The Plagiarist
Clint Kenley Tag
Cressanne Credo No Rest for the Wicked
Dan Patterson Smash Grab Therapy
Daniel Fernandez Oregon
Hai Lam Phan Rabbinical
Jacques Lorch Crime in a Box
Jeremy Hill Purge
Joey Thomas Crime in a Box
Jorge Covarrubias John Butler Trio "Revolution"
Ling Ly Tear
Matthew Gale Tear
Maxime Donot Tag
Michael McNeff Tag
Neal Mhaskar The Plagiarist
Nick Kane Ancestor
Noel Diaz de Rivera Rabbinical
Paul Oh This Will All Make Perfect Sense Someday
Ryan Thomas No Rest for the Wicked
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