• Photo for GameStop / Funko "Bounty Hunters Collection"

GameStop / Funko "Bounty Hunters Collection"


GameStop reached out for a branded content “unboxing” promo for a yet-to-be-released Funko figure, exclusively available from them. Instead of a traditional reveal, this piece referenced the source material in a different way to set the tone, plus an original sound design tailored to each one.

The first spot (“Boba Fett”) was also shared by Funko on all their social channels and clocked in 35,000 cumulative views in the first day.

The second spot (“Bossk”) surpassed 100,000 views in the first two days. It was even featured natively on the GameStop account.

The third spot (“IG-88”) and fourth spot (“4-LOM”) had social attention spread out over the course of a month, respectively, signal boosted by Funko and GameStop.

Shot on RED Gemini with Canon glass and Lumecube lights.


Director   Aaron Proctor »
Director of Photography   Aaron Proctor »
Sound Design   Geoffrey Pope »
Client   GameStop »

Updated October 2021